What a Week!

Peter —  May 29, 2009

I arrived home last night just before 10pm.  What a week it has been!  The European Leadership Forum is an amazing event on many levels.  A European-led networking and resourcing forum for leaders across the continent, refreshingly and robustly evangelical.  We deeply enjoyed plenary sessions from Dr John Lennox in the life of Joseph, I enjoyed being a participant (not instructor) in the Bible Teachers Network, then a variety of afternoon workshops from people like Wayne Grudem, Gary Habermas, and probably my favourite this week – Peter Williams of Tyndale House.  Then there were the evening plenary sessions too.  In between all of that there was the encouraging and strategic fellowship with various folks at meal times and simply wandering through the venue.  Then there was the group that I was invited to be a part of, a real quality group of church leaders from across the UK and Ireland.  What a blessing to get to know them, to talk together, to strategise, to dream.  I am certain good things will result from this week, not only among our group, but right across Europe.  Last year’s forum led to well over 200 events being organised in different countries as a result of the forum.  This year it will be bigger.  I can’t imagine a more strategic event for the whole of Christianity in Europe, and I was delighted to be privileged to participate.

Meanwhile Melanie had a much better week than last time I was away, getting to spend some special times together with a close friend.  Her health is still a concern and we hope for the next weeks to be significant in that regard.  If you’ve prayed for us this week, thank you so much!