Ministry Overview

Since we were commended to full-time ministry in 2004, our primary focus has always been biblical preaching and ministry training.  We are passionate about equipping others to dig deeply into God’s Word and know Him personally, so this tends to be the focus of what we do.  Let me try to describe our ministry in a nutshell:

1. The Foundation: Our Local Church

We believe that it is healthy and right to be engaged in the life and work of a local church. During our first six years in England, Peter spent a lot of time in itinerant ministry, as well as serving in our local church (Oakhall Church in Caterham, Surrey).  However, we really desired to be more rooted in one place so we could invest more deeply into one group of people and be more stable as a family.

To this end, in 2010 we moved to Chippenham to be more plugged in to a local church.  In the summer of 2013 we joined three other couples in the adventure of launching a new church.  Trinity Chippenham started meeting in January 2014.  Peter is on the leadership team, we host a midweek Life Group in our home and are involved heavily in the life of the church.  It is an absolute privilege to be part of this venture and we thank God for His faithfulness throughout the process.

2. The Umbrella: OM

We continue in our role with OM, albeit with a very diminished role.  Whenever possible, Peter enjoys visiting OM fields or the new recruits conference to teach the Bible.  The opportunities for this have been curtailed in recent years due to the schedule opening being restricted.  We sometimes laugh at the title Peter has in OM (Minister-at-large), but we are thankful to be part of this great organization!

3. The Central Focus: Cor Deo

Cor Deo means “a heart for God” and it is the central ministry on our radar.  Cor Deo is committed to multiplying ministry that shares God’s heart.  It is thrilling for us to look back over the past four years and see how God has brought this ministry from a dream in our hearts to a growing ministry!  The full-time training programme runs from January to June and we have now finished our fourth season (2014).  So far, 23 men have joined Peter and his colleagues, Ron Frost & David Searight, for a relational study programme that is centred around Bible study, church history and applied theology.

The team have also been able to run evening classes, day conferences and one-week intensive courses.  We are incredibly encouraged at the fruit God is bringing from the ministry of Cor Deo.  And we have been so blessed by the wonderful friendships that have developed between participants, as well as developing great friendships with the participants as a family.

Our hope is that by prioritizing mentoring relationships with a small group of participants, we will see genuine multiplication of the ministry we are involved in.  Cor Deo is about studying together, ministering together and growing closer to the Lord together.

You can sign up for Cor Deo updates on the website: (and follow CorDeo on Facebook & Twitter)

4. Everything Else

Other opportunities for ministry continue to fill some gaps in our schedule while we continue to try and get the balance right (always a prayer request!)  So Peter does visit a few other churches to preach, speaks at Christian Unions in universities, does training days for UCCF staff, speaks at conferences/retreats/Bible schools, and is the leader of the BIble Teachers & Preachers Networks at the European Leadership Forum.

We probably should also mention Peter writes regularly on and the Cor Deo Blog.  In 2014 he has his first projects published.  Click here for more information on his books and where to get them.

Melanie’s Ministry

While Melanie does get involved in whatever way she can in the above ministries, for the most part her focus is on local church involvement, and even more than that, the central ministry of discipling five little Meads (homeschooling and being the best wife and mother she can be).

Her goal is to create a Christ-centred environment for our family and other people God brings into our home.