Ministry Overview

Since we were commended to full-time ministry in 2004, our driving passion has always been to infect others with a love for God’s Word, and to equip others to engage the Bible and communicate it to others.  The practical ways we have been able to live out this passion have morphed over time, but here is an overview of our current ministry:

1. Our Local Church – Trinity Chippenham

We believe that it is healthy and right to be engaged in the life and work of a local church. During our first six years in England, Peter spent a lot of time in itinerant ministry, as well as serving in our local church (Oakhall Church in Caterham, Surrey).  However, we really desired to be more rooted in one place so we could invest more deeply into one group of people and be more stable as a family.

To this end, in 2010 we moved to Chippenham to be more plugged in to a local church.  In the summer of 2013 we joined three other couples in the adventure of launching a new church.  Trinity Chippenham started meeting in January 2014.  After four years in our first venue, we needed to move into a bigger facility, which we did at the start of 2018.  Peter is one of three elders and preaches regularly.  We host a midweek Life Group in our home and are involved heavily in the life of the church.  We consider it an absolute privilege to be part of this local church and to see God working so beautifully in many lives.

2. Our Local Ministry – Cor Deo

Cor Deo means “a heart for God” and it has been the main focus for us over the past years. Cor Deo is committed to multiplying ministry that shares God’s heart. Between 2011 and 2015 we ran the full-time training programme for six months each year. With the increase in energy and time needed for Trinity Chippenham, we felt the full-time programme had run its course at that point.  However, since 2011 we have seen so much encouragement and fruit from the shorter week-long Intensives, and so we continue to run these courses and supplementary training days.  The Cor Deo local team is now Peter and our good friend and colleague, Mike Chalmers.  Peter and Mike love working together, and looking for ways to encourage and help the wider network of friends who have benefitted from Cor Deo and continue to offer Cor Deo-shaped ministry in various settings. We are excited to see this ministry fellowship develop in this new season of “Cor Deo 2.0”

You can sign up for Cor Deo updates on the website: (and follow CorDeo on Facebook & Twitter)

3. Our Other Opportunities

There is never a lack of opportunity for Peter to preach or teach, but sadly we do not have the time to do everything we wish we could.  Here are the other main opportunities that we are involved in:

A. The European Leadership Forum – Peter has been leading the Bible Teachers & Preachers Networks at the ELF in Poland since 2013.  This is one very intensive week each May, along with year-round opportunities to mentor preachers online and in person (each December he will meet up with the group of preachers somewhere in Europe).  You can search for Peter’s name and find videos of teaching sessions, short answers to questions and interviews with people like John Lennox, Ajith Fernando and John Piper on

B. Union School of Theology – Union is a growing and innovative Bible College based in South Wales and Oxford.  Our friend Mike Reeves is the president and Peter teaches both on campus and through video lectures in the growing number of learning communities around the world.  Peter has been teaching Preaching and English Exegesis for Union, as well as cheering on the new learning community based in Bristol.  Union has a great set of resources available, take a look at

C. Other Speaking Opportunities –  As he is able, Peter still enjoys speaking in churches, conferences, events and Christian Unions.  Even though Trinity Chippenham is now over four years old, we still feel very hesitant to miss a Sunday and want to see the church established and flourishing.  Therefore, our availability is limited for Sundays/weekends, but Peter does enjoy sharing God’s Word whenever and wherever it is possible!

D. Writing – Peter has written a blog for preachers for over a decade now ( In recent years he has authored several books (click here for more info), as well as contributing to publications such as Journey Magazine and Daily Bread.  There are no new books scheduled at this point, but hopefully, another project will come to fruition in the next months.


Melanie’s Ministry

Melanie supports Peter in these various ministries in whatever way she can, but her main ministry focus is two-fold.  First and most importantly she is discipling the six younger Meads (which includes everything from potty training the youngest to helping the eldest prepare for university applications!)  Second, she is heavily involved in the lives of women at the church.

Her goal is to create a Christ-centred environment for our family and other people God brings into our home.