Trip Details

Peter —  May 21, 2009

I leave tomorrow for several days in Hungary.  I’ll be attending the European Leadership Forum (you can google it if you like).  I won’t be speaking.  I have always resisted opportunities to travel overseas for conferences when I am not speaking, but this opportunity caught our attention.  I was invited to join a delegation that will be meeting at the conference in order to discuss training initiatives among the assemblies here in the UK.  I am praying that I will be able to encourage others, influence strategically and see good ministry opportunities develop as a result of these meetings.  I return on Thursday.

Really appreciate your prayers, not just for my meetings over there, but also for Melanie with the children back here.  My last trip away was tough for Melanie and it would be great if this one could go more smoothly.  Thanks for your prayers, and if you live close, for any help or encouragement you’re able to offer Melanie.