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Peter’s latest book, The Little Him Book, is now available everywhere.  Here is Peter introducing The Little Him Book:

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Pleased to Dwell v3

Peter’s first book, Pleased to Dwell, was released in 2014.

… a readable and gripping survey of the miracle that is the incarnation… packed with content, had me scurrying through the biblical texts to see more of my dear Saviour. (Evangelical Magazine of Wales)

…does a remarkable job of introducing us to the vast sweep of the Bible’s story and reminds us that the heart of the Bible is not a what, but a who- a person: Jesus Christ, the word became flesh. As I read this book I was pointed to Jesus Christ and led to marvel once again at the wonder of the incarnation. (Evangelicals Now)

This book is perfect food for the heart for all of us who long for a richer understanding of the birth of The King! (Joseph M. Stowell ~ President, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan)

In this book we see the profound truths of the incarnation presented in a way that makes the Bible and its truth come alive. And, best of all, it is presented in an engaging style that makes it accessible to ordinary laypersons. (Ajith Fernando ~ Teaching Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka)


The follow up to Pleased to Dwell is Lost In Wonder: A Biblical Introduction to God’s Great Marriage, which was released in 2016.

This new book by Peter Mead, Lost in Wonder: A Biblical Introduction to God’s Great Marriage, invites us all to rethink our perception of God with fresh categories. The truths explained here have certainly changed me, and I will never go back to the legalistic religion I used to lug around. (Ray Ortlund ~ Lead Pastor, Immanuel Church, Nashville, Tennessee)

If ever a book earned its title, this one did, as I closed its pages “Lost in Wonder.” (David Murray ~ Professor of Old Testament & Practical Theology, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan)

That the powerful king of the universe is a God of passionate love makes for glorious biblical theology. That he would relentlessly pursue a sinner like me in such love is simply mind-blowing. (Dave Gobbett ~ Lead Minister, Highfields Church, Cardiff, Wales & Word Alive Trustee)


Foundations: Four Big Questions We Should Be Asking But Typically Don’t was released in 2015 (All three books are published by Christian Focus Publications).

Peter’s love of scripture, and his desire to see lives transformed bleed through the pages of this book. (Rick McKinley ~ Lead Pastor, Imago Dei Community, Portland, Oregon)

Many people build their lives on a weak foundation of sand. In Foundations, Peter Mead introduces you to the one concrete foundation poured deep enough to hold your life steady! (Tony Reinke ~ Writer for Desiring God & author of Lit!)

The book of Acts tells of God’s plan for us to have relationship in the context of his grace. Foundations fills out this picture beautifully. Read and enjoy! (Darrell Bock ~ Senior Research Professor of New Testament, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas)

Having the right answers is one thing but Peter Mead goes deeper – he explores the right questions – questions of God, humanity, sin and salvation. By turning to Scripture this book gives us a surprising, satisfying and compelling foundation for life. (Glen Scrivener ~ Evangelist, Speak Life, Eastbourne, East Sussex, England)


Galatians: The Life I Now Live is a set of 36 undated devotions published by 10ofThose in 2015.  Each day there is a suggested reading and an accessible explanation of the text, along with a question or two for reflection.  Galatians is like a gospel hand-grenade waiting to explode in our hearts – hopefully this little book will help to ignite hearts with love for God’s glorious good news!






John’s Letters: Living in the Light of God’s Love is a set of 31 undated devotions published by 10ofThose in 2017.  Each day there is a suggested reading and an accessible explanation of the text, along with a question or two for reflection.  John’s Letters are filled with the light of the love that is shared within the Trinity, and that we are invited to participate in as believers in the real Christ.






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You might also be interested in this resource:  The Ministry Essentials Study Bible from Hendrickson is available to order from CBD.  I contributed several articles to this Bible, on the subject of preaching.  Other (and better known!) contributors include Bill Hybels, Billy Graham, Francis Chan, etc.