Here are some of the ministry plans scheduled for the next months.  Not every engagement is listed here, so please view this as a prompt for prayer, rather than an indication of availability.

Date Event
26th Feb 2018 - 2nd Mar 2018 Cor Deo Women’s Intensive (Chippenham)
12th Mar 2018 - 15th Mar 2018 Cor Deo Women’s Intensive (Devon)
18th Apr 2018 - 20th Apr 2018 Albanian Preaching Cohort (Albania)
28th Apr 2018 - 29th Apr 2018 Manor Road Evangelical Church (Guildford)
1st May 2018 - 4th May 2018 Cor Deo Intensive (Chippenham)
18th May 2018 - 24th May 2018 European Leadership Forum (Wisla, Poland)