Peter’s Currently Reading

To be honest I tend to jump in and out of books too frequently to update here.  If you really want to know what I am reading at the moment, please feel free to ask.  However, if you’d like some top book recommendations, I will usually mention these:

Mike Reeves’ book, The Good God, is a must-read!  It is short, it has pictures, it is written in Mike’s engaging and enjoyable style, and most importantly it does a great job of causing the reader to enjoy the Father, Son and Spirit!









Mike’s book is so good that you could also buy this edition and read it again (especially for those who like a plethora of triangles on their book covers).  Actually, this is the US edition of The Good God, so get whichever is available to you.

Mike’s follow up, Christ Our Life, is also well worth reading and in 2018 we should see his book about CH Spurgeon on the Christian Life, which will be great.







I had the joy of meeting Dane Ortlund a few years ago.  Dane did such a good job in this book which is a thrilling introduction to Jonathan Edwards’ theology.  I thoroughly recommend this book (and a stock of highlighter pens to accompany you in your reading of it!)