Our Favourite Homeschool Resources


Here are some of our favourite Home Schooling resources and links.

Simply Charlotte Mason – I really love the Charlotte Mason method of education and this is my favourite CM website.  I have especially benefited from their free curriculum guide.This style of education relies heavily on living books (as opposed to dry textbooks).  Click here for a good explanation of the CM method.

Sonlight – Over the years, we have relied heavily on Sonlight curriculum, which is loosely Charlotte Mason in style.  We have LOVED all the wonderful living books we have read together, especially the historical fiction.  I can’t tell you the incredible joy and bonding that has happened in our family as we have devoured these incredible books.  If you are at all interested, I really recommend that you request one of their free catalogs as I find it much easier to navigate than their website.  The catalog also has really great explanations about why their curriculum is worth considering.

MathUSee – There are many great homeschool maths programmes out there but we have really enjoyed MathUSee.  We like that the curriculum comes with dvds where a teacher teaches the maths lessons and that the courses are heavily based on manipulative blocks/overlays, even for fractions, algebra, etc.  There is also a UK version which uses UK money, spelling and the metric system.

Old Schoolhouse Magazine –

Discover For Yourself Inductive Bible Studies for Kids by Kay Arthur