Encouraging Feedback

Peter —  May 18, 2009

I had an enjoyable evening in Cranham, Essex, yesterday.  I took Aliyah with me and enjoyed meeting the good folks there.  This morning I have been encouraged by a report sent through from the preaching seminar I c0-taught last month.  I’ll share some of the feedback comments for your encouragement (since through prayer you participated in this):

“Thank you so much for this seminar on preaching. It’s as though we’ve been asleep all this time, and now we’ve woken up.”

“It’s given me tools to use, so now I know how do it.”

“The most useful things were learning how to find the ‘heart’ of the passage and the sermon and then building the ‘bridge’ from past to present.”

“The practical work of studying the passage and working on it in groups was very helpful.”

“The seminar was a great encouragement to serve God more.”

“We’ve learned that it’s important to spend more time on preparing for preaching.”

“We’ve already agreed to work together in preaching groups to share and help each other.”

“It was a different kind of seminar to what we’re used to. Well-organized and always interesting.”

“I’m eagerly waiting for second level seminar next year!”