Time March-es On

Melanie —  March 29, 2012

Wow, how did we get to the end of March so quickly?!  Life continues to be full and busy for us both with our family and outside ministry.  As I type this, I am waiting for Peter to get home from speaking at Bath CU.  He loves teaching at CUs . . . so many hungry and open hearts among the students.  Cor Deo has been going strong with many encouragements.  I am sure Peter will write an update soon with more details.  They are just now starting a two week break for Easter.  The children and I are looking forward to having Peter around a little more and hopefully we’ll get to do some fun things as a family.  Peter is finishing off a series in Galatians at church on Sunday and then he starts a 4 week series in Acts the following week.  Please keep praying for him as he prepares these messages and for open and hungry-for-the-Word hearts.

At home, I’m still adjusting to having 5 children, instead of four!  Most days are going well, but I’ll admit to having my overwhelmed moments.  Kaylah is continuing to sleep longer and longer at night but is still not sleeping through, so I’m looking forward to when that happens.  She is such a sweet and contented baby though and she has captured all of our hearts.  The kids still are constantly asking to hold her and they love to make her smile.  Please keep praying for physical strength for me and for wisdom as we teach and train and care for these 5 precious lives that God has loaned us for awhile.  We often feel our weakness and inadequacies – we so need God’s help.  On a lighter note, we had a hilarious event happen at home today . . . even though it was a funeral. 🙂  The Meadlings and two friends had a funeral today for a bee called Nigel. 🙂  He has a tombstone and everything at the side of our house.  Never a dull moment!

I will try to post a few photos here before I need to go and give Kaylah her bedtime feed.

See what I mean about Kaylah capturing everyone's hearts?!


Kaylah has an audience for her bath, almost every night!


Another smile captured on camera!


The girls and I have so much fun dressing Kaylah every day. 🙂 Here she is in a dress borrowed from her cousin Claire. I took so many photos, trying to capture a smile. Here is one!


And here's another one!


And another one!


Joel loves to dress up and Hannah has a real knack for creating costumes out of stuff we have around the house. Here he is a horse-rider (hat was a gift to Daddy from friends in Sri Lanka).


Three of the Mead ladies


We've been having amazing weather and we spent the afternoon yesterday at one of our favorite places - Bowood House. It was so beautiful!


What a sweetheart . . .

We've been to Bowood lots of times but we'd never discovered this gorgeous waterfall and caves behind it. The children were soooo delighted to find it and can't wait to go back. (Thanks Aunt Carol for the season tickets!)


One of the older girls took this photo . . . magnolia trees are my favourite!

Also taken by Aliyah, I think


Guess what Kaylah was doing most of the time we were there? 🙂