Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman

Peter —  April 5, 2012

I just finished a fantastic book!  I got to read it mostly in smallish snatches while feeding Kaylah. But God has used it to nourish my soul.  Last year, A Praying Life, was probably the most transformational book of the year for me.  I think Grace For the Good Girl might just get the prize for 2012.  Where do I start sharing about this book?  It’s so full of truth and wisdom from God’s Word.  In fact, I am just about to print out some of the verses and put them up around the house so the Holy Spirit can remind me of God’s amazing grace towards me.

I think I’ve been a “good girl” most of my life – trying hard to maintain a good reputation, perform well and practice the spiritual disciplines, while making sure not to fail and being strong and responsible. The first half of the book identifies these typical behaviours of “good girls” as masks that we hide behind to convince others around us that we are “good.”  These masks keep us living a lie and living lives characterized by fear and shame.  As I was reading about these masks, I couldn’t believe how accurately the author was writing about the exact things I do (although often subconsciously) to try to be acceptable to God and others.  We trust Christ for salvation by faith, but then we try to live the Christian life by works, by our own fleshly efforts.  The author quotes a ton from the book of Galatians and other parts of the Bible to make the case that we are free in Christ, not under the law.  We are not just saved from sin, but we are new creatures, filled with the Spirit and we are free to let go of the “try-hard” life and embrace the amazing grace that He offers us.  I am fully accepted by Jesus and I can admit my failures and weaknesses and let His life fill me.

I would recommend that every woman read this book! I think in some way, we are all “good girls,” trying hard to maintain an image or filled with guilt over real or perceived failures.  This book is a breath of fresh air, filled with God’s truth to combat the lies we often believe.  It would be an excellent book for a ladies’ group as it has a wonderful study guide at the back.

So much more I could write . . . as a good girl, I am never satisfied with how well I have reviewed a book! But I hope this whets your appetite and you spend some time reading and savouring this book this year.