Summer Water Fun

Melanie —  July 1, 2009

Well, we have had an unusually hot week.  Most people around here are complaining about it, but hey, its a reprieve from the usual British rainy summers!  Today we used the paddling pool (wading pool for your Americans) for the third time in the past week.  Thankfully, the experience was different from last year’s paddling pool experience when the kids came in with blue lips and drank hot chocolate to warm up!!  Today was actually quite hilarious.  I came out to find the kids “baptizing” each other in the pool!!  (Of course in the name on the Father, Son and Spirit and after a confession of faith!!)  No sooner had we put the video camera away, then we had to bring it out again because Joel was sliding extremely fast down our plastic slide and into the pool.  Why so fast?  Because he was naked!!  We shot some video for his future wife. 🙂  I will try to post pictures (appropriate ones!) tomorrow.