A New Week

Peter —  June 29, 2009

We had a good day yesterday at church and are now looking forward to the week ahead.  The children are enjoying the back garden because of the sunny weather (which will get hotter this week).  They are eagerly anticipating the first of our potato harvests any day now.  Melanie’s Aunt Carol will be here until the end of the week and is being a real blessing with all sorts of help for us (with the children, washing dishes, etc.)  I have another Mini-More church history meeting on Wednesday, a Biblical Preaching Seminar on Saturday, two messages on Sunday and a visit to the Ship next week coming up.  That means lots of preparation, along with a few other projects I need to pick away at during the spare moments.  So it will be a busy week, but hopefully a good one if I can focus and make the most of the time I have.  Thanks for praying for us in all of this – for my preparation and ministry things, and for Melanie’s health concerns as well as the next Oasis book club meeting on Friday evening.

Regarding the ship visit – I’ll fly over to Cork next Tuesday and will spend the first three days speaking at the orientation for OM Ireland’s summer outreach – Impact Ireland.  Then the weekend will be focused on ship’s company.  I’m looking forward to this time of ministry.  Please pray for me as I prepare several messages on the cross, plus other subjects (including a theology of purposeful relationships).  Please pray for the ship as she is currently sailing to Ireland.  Please pray for the Impact Ireland participants as they prepare to travel there from all over the world.  Please pray for the people they will meet and witness to in the coming weeks, that God would prepare the ground before the seed is sown.  Thank you.