Something Different

Peter —  June 3, 2009

One of the highlights of recent years has been the Wednesday evening group of Oakhall folk who gather for the “Getting More” Bible study.  A few weeks ago we finished our ten weeks through Isaiah.  Normally we then take the summer off and return in September for another 10 week series.  This year we’re trying something different.  We’re having a five-week “Mini-More” course starting tonight.  What’s more, we’re breaking into new territory. Church history.  Just in case you thought I only teach Bible, preaching and missions, well, that’s fairly accurate, but not tonight.  Our goal is to begin to get to grips with the first five centuries of church history over five weeks together.  While some have chosen to enjoy their summer without the extra reading, others have joined the group, so we are at about 20 participants.  It should be a continuing highlight, I’m sure.  It’s such a blessing to be around people eager to learn, not only for the sake of learning, but especially for the sake of application of lessons learned into life today.