Tests Yesterday

Melanie —  June 5, 2009

A lot of people have asked how yesterday went with my tests at the hospital.  Thank you so much to everyone who prayed for me.  Overall, I felt like the day went really smoothly.  A good friend took the children so Peter could drive me in.  He was planning on staying with me for awhile but we didn’t notice that my letter said that they were unable to accommodate friends and relatives due to the small department, so he left.  In the beginning, it was unclear whether they were going to do all the tests the consultant had ordered.  They were talking about making me come back another day for the rest of them.  But in the end they decided to do them, after the fasting was done at 4:30pm.  There was some high drama in the room when one lady went into an epileptic fit and it seemed like the whole hospital staff descended on the room!  So that kept the afternoon interesting and the lady was ok in the end.  Even though I was weak, I felt better than I thought I would feel after fasting for so long.  My blood sugar stayed stable all day so it seems I don’t have a blood sugar problem??  I didn’t even get a headache until the very end and came home feeling pretty rough, but after a long night’s sleep I feel a lot better.  I won’t get the other results until the 25th when I see the consultant.  Please pray for me to be at peace and be ready to accept whatever the results are, especially between now and the appointment.  Part of me really wants them to find something to fix, but I know I need to be prepared for them to not find anything too.  God is in control and I know He loves me.  He will walk with me through this season.