Safely Home, Slowly Home

Peter —  February 16, 2009

Last night I preached in High Wycombe.  That’s about an hour from home if the road is clear.  It was, then it wasn’t.  I had just driven past the first possible exit for home (M25 J8 if you know it – but I left it because the link road was closed last week).  Then traffic slowed to a stop.  About 500 yards ahead of me was an accident.  I sat for 90 minutes.  Actually I got out and walked around a bit too.  Four fire engines, three ambulances, one air ambulance, multiple police cars.  Finally we were able to squeeze past.  Three cars, the middle one obviously struck from behind at speed while sitting stuck against the front one.  You wouldn’t believe a solid German car could concertina so completely.  It’s easy to take safety for granted – a clear road, perfect weather . . . and some people now either in eternity or clinging to life in a local hospital.  Safely home, slowly home, thankful to be home.