First Prayer

Melanie —  February 15, 2009

At dinner tonight, Joel said, “I pray?”  He has said this before and when we say, “Sure, go ahead,” all we’ve gotten is a big grin and silence.  Tonight was different.  He scrunched his eyes shut and said, “De-ah Jesus, thankoo for food. Amen.”  We all burst into thunderous applause and of course, the praise made him ask, “Again?”  So, we indulged him and let him pray again.  How sweet can life get.

When I got him up from his nap this afternoon, I was changing his diaper and he said, “Birds.  Singing.”  I stopped and had a listen . . . he was right, they were!  Hooray for spring – it’s coming soon!  He then said, “Birds. Sing songs.”  There was a pause and he said, “Ocean . . . pase ye la load, Hallelujah.”  (Translation: Wide, Wide as the Ocean and Praise Ye the Lord, Hallelujah)  I thought that was about the cutest thing I have ever heard in my life.  Yup, you’re right, little boy.  All of God’s creation praises Him!  I will never listen to birds singing in quite the same way again.

I had great ambitions of getting pictures up on the website tonight but a more urgent project claimed my attention.  We’ll see what I can achieve, but if not, watch for them in the next day or two.  Just to whet your appetite . . . I will put some photos up of our recent big snowfall, Aliyah’s birthday AND Joel’s new big boy haircut (yes, I mourned as they cut off those curls!).  Watch this space.