A picture is worth 1000 words

Peter —  February 16, 2009

The ideal way to be putting photos on our site would be to post them as we take them.  I haven’t quite got organized enough for that yet!  So, here’s a bunch from the past few weeks.

zjan09-008.jpg This was New Year’s Day . . . we went to a National Trust site for a walk.  It was cooooo-ld! Yes, those are feet in the tree above Aliyah and Joel.  Guess whose?

zjan09-013.jpg Yup, you’re right.  It’s Hannah, the family tree climber.  Which parent did she get the climbing genes from, anyway?

zjan09-020.jpg After our walk, which was quite short, because we were all freezing, we went to the restaurant for some nourishment.  We captured Joel imitating his sisters, who sometimes hold their noses when they drink vegetable juice. It was only water in the cup, so we’re not sure what inspired the nose-holding . . . or the napkin on the head!

zjan09-042.jpg Peter and the girls designed and constructed some beds for the girls’ playmobil.  They even stained them and made mattresses.

zjan09-060.jpg Yes, it has been a cold winter.  Mariah is practicing for when she is a missionary to Siberia! (just kidding)

zjanfeb09-018.jpg Aliyah lost her first tooth!

zjanfeb09-027.jpg Where’s the fire, Joel?

zjanfeb09-032.jpg   Swimming in the living room (see post on January 30th – click here)

zjanfeb09-034.jpg Ready to dive into all that water!


zjanfeb09-042.jpg The water theme continued that night  . . . Daddy started squirting Joel in his highchair.  Hardly a fair water fight!

zjanfeb09-044.jpg Joel didn’t seem to mind!

zjanfeb09-047.jpg So, I guess the whole tropical paradise thing was all in our heads.  This is real winter!!!  We got at least a foot of snow – very unusual for our part of the country.  This is the view out our bedroom window.

zjanfeb09-055.jpg Oh, the joy of the white, cold stuff!

zjanfeb09-059.jpg Let it snow, let it snow . . . Peter was doing front flips into it when it was fresh.

zjanfeb09-060.jpg The girls are eating snow-cream, mint flavored by request.

zjanfeb09-080.jpg  Happy 6th Birthday, Aliyah!

zjanfeb09-085.jpg The girls love to dress up together.  These are dresses that Hannah and Aliyah wore as flower girls 3 years ago.

zjanfeb09-088.jpg Look whose sporting a new haircut.

zjanfeb09-095.jpg He looks more like Daddy than ever now.

zjanfeb09-105.jpg With the snow now gone, we finally got to take Aliyah to the Science Museum in London for her special birthday outing.  Here she is standing on an arch bridge she built herself.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.  I’ll try not to save up so many next time before I post them.  Thank you for praying for our family as we aim to grow in our love for the Lord together.