Ready for the Road

Melanie —  July 11, 2012

Well, we are mostly all packed up for our trip up to North Dakota!  We leave tomorrow morning and have an 8 hr. drive the first day and 4 hrs. the second day, staying overnight in St. Cloud, Minnesota tomorrow.  We are all SOOOO excited to see relatives, including my sister and her family who we haven’t seen in more than 2 years and extended family we haven’t seen for 4 years!  Thanks so much for praying for us over the past week.  I have stayed mostly headache-free (slept off a mild one the other night) and we’ve survived the extreme heat.  Our church visits have also gone really well and we have so enjoyed connecting with quite a few friends.  We’ve also had a wonderful time with Aunt Carol.

Thought I would post some pictures from that past week before we go . . .

Yup, this is what the thermometer was showing most of last week. We had a 20 degree drop on temp on Sunday but then back into the 90s today.

So, what do you to keep cool in this heat? Kind friends invited us to their pool to cool off.

All dressed up for the 4th of July . . . .

All the family except Kaylah and I braved the heat to go watch a patriotic parade with some friends.

Hereare all the kids! The children have all had such a wonderful time together on several occasions.

This poor dog was marching in the parade but collapsed from the heat right in front of our group! Quite the drama!

After the parade, the kids had a massive water fight!

After awhile, the guns weren't enough and they started dumping buckets of water on each other!

Peter got some great shots of the fireworks

The post wouldn’t be complete without some shots of Kaylah, our sweet baby girl.  Pray for her to survive the road trip and family reunion.  If she continues on her current form, she’ll do OK.  I feel massively thankful to God for how she’s coped so far.

She's had lots of cuddles with Aunt Carol.

And her siblings still constantly clamour to hold her!

Mummy even gets a cuddle once in awhile! 🙂

One of her new things is watching us intently whenever we eat or drink and trying to grab for things!

Happy Girl!

Please pray for safety and continued good health as we travel to North Dakota and back over the next week.  Pray for  sweet times with family and that each of us can be a real blessing to whoever we meet!  Until next time . . .