On the Other Side of the Pond

Melanie —  July 3, 2012

Here we are in the Chicago airport, after collecting all our luggage. (Believe me, when I say we tried to pack "light!")


We arrived safe and sound in Chicago last Monday night.  Thank you SO much to all who prayed for our flight.  It went so well!  Kaylah was really good, hardly cried and even slept some in my arms (building good arm muscles!).  Hannah was very good-natured about the exploding nappy (diaper) that happened just before we took off while Kaylah was sat on her lap!  But amazingly, after I changed her clothes, she stayed in that outfit for the whole rest of the trip.  The older children were excellently behaved and a stewardess even complimented them on their politeness (makes a mom’s heart glad!).  After we landed and went through customs, we temporarily panicked when we couldn’t find one of our suitcases on the baggage carousel, but we eventually found it.  So, all in all, it was a great trip.  We are so thankful to God.

Including the day of the flight, I have had NO migraines, praise the Lord!  So thank you so much to those friends who were praying for that.  Please don’t stop!  The weather here in Chicago is VERY hot.  It’s been 90 F or above every day and set to be 100 F for part of this week.  Usually heat and jet lag are a recipe for a migraine for me, but I’m so thankful I’ve been fine.  My aunt has air conditioning so that is helping a lot, I think.

The kids have been thoroughly enjoying our time here.  This past week has included riding bikes, reading American library books, playing games, having water fights with Dad, playing baseball (mostly Joel!) and going to a major league baseball game.  Here are some photos of the game.

Aunt Carol, the Meadlings and Peter, all set to watch the Chicago Cubs play the Houston Astros!

Peter and Joel with his new baseball glove and Cubs cap. Joel has decided he'll be a football (soccer) fan in the UK and a baseball fan in the USA. And boy, is he a FAN!

Mariah came to the game with her two front teeth intact. After wiggling one of them for the first four innings . . .

. . . Out it came! 🙂

The game was great! The Cubs won, 4 to 0!

We have had two good church visits so far, with two more scheduled for Sunday.  Peter has been keeping busy with admin and preparation for speaking but has had some time for playing games with the children and also a massive water fight! (I think he took great delight in buying some pretty heavy duty water guns. :-))  Life is pretty much going on as usual for me.  But it is nice to have a change of scenery, for sure!  Please keep praying for good health and sleep for me and that God would use us to be a blessing to whoever we meet.  A few more Kaylah photos before I sign off.  She has turned five months this week.  Where have those months gone?!

Kaylah, looking slightly surprised! She has been so content and after a few disturbed nights, she is sleeping through the night again.

I love watching the older children interacting with Kaylah. She loves them and they love her!

Tonight we are meeting with some friends for a 4th of July picnic and then tomorrow (Independence Day!) it looks like a parade and BBQ with friends are on the schedule.  Next Thursday we head off for our family reunion in North Dakota which we are greatly looking forward to.  Thanks so much for all your prayers.  To all our friends in Chippenham, we miss you and are thinking of you!  To our friends and family here in the USA, we look forward to seeing some of you very soon!