Family Reunions

Peter —  July 19, 2012

Our travel to North Dakota went so well.  We are really blessed by how well Kaylah has been travelling on this trip.  We had a long day driving to St Cloud, then a half day driving to Valley City, ND.  It was great to see Melanie’s sister and family, and her parents, as well as the cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.  We enjoyed the weekend reunion with the expected elements of such gatherings – great food, basketball, a chance for the men to go shooting, lots of conversation and the family takeover of the local church on Sunday morning.  Melanie’s Dad did a great report on his work and the children sang together.

The weekend had its challenges, not least in terms of sleep.  We were in a small hotel room with soaring temperatures.  Melanie had the worst of it and couldn’t find a way to get more than half a night in each of the three we were there.  So while it is sad to say goodbye to family we probably won’t see for four years, it was a relief to get a full night in St Cloud on the way back and then to get back to Chicago.

Yesterday evening we enjoyed a stunning lightning storm.  Joel and Mariah sort of enjoyed it – in the sense that it made bed time much later.  I had taken the two of them with me for the final church visit of this trip.  We’ve been to five churches and are encouraged by those showing interest in the ministries we are involved in.

Tomorrow we fly to Portland (prayer appreciated).  It will be a bit of a family reunion as Hannah and Aliyah are with Melanie’s parents this week enjoying a road trip across country (North Dakota to Portland).  It will be good to have the family back together again!

On Sunday I am preaching at Westside, then Monday to Friday of next week is the Cor Deo Intensive in Portland.  Please pray for the 14 of us as we meet around God’s Word for the week.