Bags Downstairs

Peter —  June 24, 2012

I think we’re close.  The bags are downstairs, four are weighed and closed, two are open, one is optionally empty.  The children are in bed, hopefully to sleep through!  We could use a good night’s sleep though.  The last few have been interrupted for Melanie and I, so hopefully tonight will be better.  I’ve had a summer cold for four days and can’t seem to shake it.  Melanie had a migraine the other day and we are praying she won’t get one tomorrow.

So, tomorrow morning we head to Heathrow and then fly in the afternoon (nice!) to Chicago.  Nine hours on a plane with five children . . . hopefully it won’t be too eventful.  Needless to say, they are all excited to get over to the USA again.  The last visit in 2010 was such a good time for us.

We have a friend coming in to look after the house in our absence.  We’ll be in Chicago for the next few weeks, staying with Melanie’s Aunt.  The first meeting is Wednesday evening, and then another church on Sunday.  The rest of this week should be about getting over jet lag and settling in.

Thanks for praying for us.