Of Ships and memories

Melanie —  June 1, 2008

Eleven years ago this month (it’s May for a few more hours!), Peter and I met on board the Logos 2 down at the waterfront in Portland, OR.  Today, our whole family, plus Grandma and Grandpa, Auntie Amy and Matthew, headed down to the river for some fun.  We walked down the street where Peter and I walked several times coming from and to the ship.  We stopped at the bakery where we got free samples of bread – yum! And then we walked along the waterfront and enjoyed the sunshine.  It was so fun to reminisce.  The Rose Festival is in full swing here but we avoided the “village” where they are selling all types of food and amusements.  Instead we found a grassy place to have a picnic.  The kids loved watching the boats on the river, including a couple of dragon boats which were practicing for the races coming up.  The Logos 2 was nowhere to be seen of course, but there were two old ships that were giving free tours.  Hannah blew me away when we were onboard when she said, “Look, Mommy, the tiller!”  My mouth was just about to open to ask one of the crew what the long wooden thing was.  I asked Hannah how she knew what a tiller was and she nonchalantly replied, “Oh, a book.”  Amazing.  This afternoon, Peter and I and the little ones took long naps while the older girls went to Grandma’s house.  We are having an amazing time here seeing friends and spending time with family.  The pace has been just right up until now.  I think things are about to get busier!  As we get closer to the end of our time here, the schedule is really filling up.  Pray for us to wisely use our time and be a blessing to those we meet up with.  At the moment, we are almost all healthy. Joel seems a little under the weather with a fever.  Could be the same thing Peter had.  I have not had a headache since last Sunday so I am really thankful for that.  Thanks for praying for us.  We’ll try to post some pictures soon.