A Busy Weekend

Peter —  June 7, 2008

I keep getting asked if we are getting a rest while we’re here.  The truth is that we’re getting a change, and hopefully that will do for a rest for now.  This morning I had a biblical preaching seminar with 17 attending.  Tomorrow evening I have a four-hour seminar on spiritual gifts.  It seems like most days I go home from the library (my temporary office) and immediately get in the van to go visit friends for the evening.  We are nowhere near this social in normal life.  But it is worth it.  It is worth it to spend time with dear friends that we wish we could see more often.  It is worth it to hear and see how God is working in people’s lives.  It is worth it to reinforce our friendships together since fellowship and relationship is so central to real Christianity and what really matters in life.  At the same time, it is tiring, and we’ll be flying home in a month with mixed emotions – sadness at leaving, excitement to see friends back in Caterham, and probably a little bit of tiredness too!  After tomorrow my ministry load lightens considerably for the next month.  Thanks for praying for us.

The other evening we were driving home from Forest Grove with four very tired children in the back.  Sometimes tired children sleep.  Sometimes tired children cry.  This night tired children talked.  It was nice.  Mariah announced after a while, “The moon is following us!”  Maybe not, but thanks for reading this and following us – we do appreciate it.