Weekend Retreat

Peter —  May 27, 2008

We got back to our place late on Sunday evening, tired and happy.  It was a good weekend.  The forecast predicted rain throughout, but we were blessed with sunshine all of Saturday.  My stomach is still not right, but by Saturday morning I felt much better than Friday night.  The four messages went well, the children slept well, everybody stayed safe and well.  All’s well!  We enjoyed fellowship with our friends.  The older girls enjoyed riding horses both days (I was impressed with how Hannah was doing – she told me last night she wants to be a circuit rider when she’s older.  I suggested she pray for that opportunity and she said, “I don’t need an opportunity, I just need a Bible and a horse!”)  Now I have a week and a half to be ready for the two seminars that are coming up.  We have lots of meetings with people arranged and more added to the schedule all the time.  We need to keep on this as the weeks are passing and our time will soon be over.  Thanks for praying for us.