Early Starts and Memorable Deposits

Peter —  April 12, 2012

This morning we had an 8:15am appointment to renew three children’s US passports and register Kaylah’s birth.  8:15am in central London.  Mmm.  We decided to drive in and park within walking distance.  It worked a charm.  Left home at 5:15am, arrived at 7am and had an hour to spare (but if we’d left later, I guarantee we’d still be stuck in traffic!)

So we got to the embassy just at the right time for me (Peter) to receive a deposit that made everyone else laugh a lot.  Melanie says Pigeon, I say Condor.  Ah well, a funny memory I suppose!

We were done by 11am, so we enjoyed the sights for a couple of hours (Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey) then back to Oxford Street for a dash through the rain back to the car.  Home by 4:30pm.  Now everyone is fast asleep, and this showered Dad is about to join the sleeping family!