Melanie —  September 13, 2009

I promised myself I’d be off the computer by 9pm tonight.  Ha! It’s 9:30.  I really am doing “work” so maybe I have a good excuse.  I’ve been organizing things for our Oasis social event this Friday night.  Please pray for the evening to be a great time of fellowship – we’re having a bring and share meal (potluck for you Americans!) and then we’re watching the film, Fireproof, together.  Pray that the film will be impactful in the ladies’ lives.  So far, at least 13 ladies are coming.  The next book we are reading is “Secret Believers” by Brother Andrew – a book every Christian should read, about what happens to Muslims when they become Christians.

I just had to write a post tonight.  The girls came down to dinner tonight with big Cheshire-cat grins, holding their calendars.  They wanted to tell me what they’d written on their calendars for today – “Rabbit Dedication.”  Hmmm.  I needed a little explanation.  They proudly told me that they’d dedicated their rabbits to God.  They said that everything they had was God’s and they wanted God to know that He could use their rabbits if He wanted to if it would help Him in any way.  I laughed (only a little) and then told them how proud I was that they wanted God to be in every part of their lives and that He might just use their rabbits for His purposes!  Mariah chimed in that they had held the rabbits up high to God while they dedicated them!!!  I would have to say that might have been a first – a rabbit dedication! At least its on the calendar so we’ll remember the date!

Another first today . . . Joel started Sunday School. Sniff, sniff.  Yes, my baby boy entered the big kids’ world at church.  He apparently did very well and he told me he said really loud, “Jesus is the Son of God” and the teacher clapped for him.  I will have to hear more from the teacher sometime.  Oh yes, he was “chosen” for sitting up the straightest and quietest in the singing and prayer time.  From what I hear, it’s a great honor to be “chosen” – especially cause you get a sweet!

And another first . . . tomorrow is our first day of school.  The girls asked me if we could start Saturday and again today – nothing like eager minds!  So we’ll start tomorrow.  I have been working hard to prepare everything.  Of course all my ducks are not quite as “in a row” as I’d like them to be.  But if I waited til they were, we might never start.  So, ready or not, here we go!  Pray for all of us, as we study and learn together.  Pray most of all for eager, receptive hearts to what the Lord wants to teach us this year, myself and Peter included.  If you are interested in our daily or weekly schedule, subjects we’re studying, etc. I can send them to you so you can pray for us more specifically.

I’ll really, really try to get some photos up here soon – of the rabbits and the first day of school too!  (P.S. Not only is it the first day of school tomorrow, it’s the day Daddy gets home!  Pray for a safe flight.  He lands around 5:10 and will be home as soon as the traffic on the M25 will let him. I have greatly missed him and only with God’s help can I be patient enough to wait another day!)