Peter —  September 15, 2009

I returned yesterday from Romania – what a great few days!  The organizers had done a great job in getting 100 pastors and church leaders together for this first Langham training in the country.  They were from multiple denominations and from all over the nation.  The conference was held in Sibiu, not too far from Bran (where “Dracula’s castle” is located).  Mark Meynell and I shared the teaching and preaching, but the real work was done by the local organizers.  The morning Bible studies from Philippians were well received, as was the instruction in preaching and the workshop practice times.  It was enjoyable to lead the feedback for half of the groups as we shared a lot of joy together, but also engaged fully with the preaching preparation process.

Once the conference ended on Saturday, I travelled a couple of hours to Codlea with our good friend Fausto.  There I was able to visit him and his family (also sent from the same church as us).  We enjoyed a walk through town to see the youth centre where they have their ministry.  On Sunday morning I preached in a local church, which was also an enjoyable time.  Fausto and I drove back to Bucharest on Sunday evening where we met up with Mark (from the conference) and Sorin (one of the local pastors) and enjoyed the evening together.  Then Monday morning Fausto dropped me at the airport.  A quick trip, but well worth it.  I hope I’ll be able to return to Romania in the future.