I Was Saying “Shhhh!” All Night!

Peter —  June 10, 2008

The weekend went well.  The preaching seminar, part 1, was well received.  Then on Sunday the gifts seminar seemed to go really well.  Unfortunately the weather was nice so that perhaps helped keep the numbers low, but I tend not to get too discouraged by numbers (I work most of the year in Europe, after all!)  Hannah and Aliyah have spent two days with “Aunt” Sheri – one of their favorite people.  It will be good to see them again today.  So we have had two days with just two small children in the house.  I don’t remember life like that, but it was nice!  This morning Mariah woke up and announced that she was saying “shhh!” to Joel “all night!”  Perhaps it was 15 minutes this morning, but to her it was the whole night.  She’s very cute and a great person to have around.  Joel is starting to sound out words, but he doesn’t seem to be rushing to speak (as with walking, why rush when there are older sisters around who carry you around and do all the talking that seems necessary!)