A Beautiful Week

Peter —  October 11, 2008

After a week away, we’ve come home to see the headlines of financial devastation as world markets catch their breath after the worst week ever.  That was a long way from our thoughts this past week, although I suppose it’s not possible to bury our heads in the sand forever!

The weather forecasts suggested this would be a miserable week of very wet English October weather.  We had half a day of rain.  The rest was beautiful, clear blue skies, even warm at times!  We had a great week . . . digging up “treasure” on the beach, go-karting, eating fine food, watching movies together, sleeping, flying a kite, surfing (note – only Peter, and only briefly since the North Sea is not known for its ambient temperature!)  We will get some pictures on here soon for you to enjoy.  It was a great week and we are so thankful for the holiday home that we were able to borrow, for the weather only God could provide and for the time off together.

Tonight I am speaking on “What is God like?” at Feltham Bible Focus, in west London.   What a great subject, and one which could easily fill a lifetime of messages!  Tomorrow morning I speak at a local church.  Then next week is mostly about preparing for Sri Lanka.  Appreciate your prayers for all of this ministry.  We want to be faithful in each opportunity God presents to us, and to lean on Him for future ministry too.