Tomorrow, Next Week

Peter —  October 3, 2008

Tomorrow should be a good day.  I am speaking at a day conference on Biblical interpretation.  I have three sessions – one introducing the subject, one on how to get at the meaning of a passage (interpretation) and then one to close the day on “special hermeneutics” (i.e. specific guidance for interpreting specific types of Bible literature).  There are two other speakers handling the other three sessions.  Please pray for this to be a very worthwhile day for all involved.  Meanwhile Melanie is heading into London for the women’s convention – a day of worship, teaching and fellowship with a group of ladies from our church and a few thousand others.  (And Aunt Carol, visiting from the States, gets a day with the children – hopefully not a hardship for her!)

On Sunday we head off to Norfolk for a few days away together.  This should be a good time of relaxation and family time.  So the site will be quiet next week, and emails won’t be answered until we get back.  Thanks for praying for us.  As ever, please let us know how we can be praying for you too.

Oh, and two more mice in recent days . . . we’re up to 9, but things have quietened down.  After a week away we’ll have a better idea if we still have a mouse problem or not!