Holiday Pictures

Peter —  October 13, 2008

Here are a few highlights from last week:

zpic1a.jpg Fun on the beach.

zpic1aa.jpg Hannah loved getting mucky!

zpic1b.jpg Aliyah our champion digger . . .

zpic1c.jpg Almost to Australia!

zpic2.jpg Our kite (check out the sky!)

zpic3.jpg Flying the kite with Dad

zpic3b.jpg Mariah’s turn!

zpic3c.jpg Joel’s turn!

zpic4.jpg Good morning!  Another day to play!

zpic5.jpg A boat trip to find some seals . . .

zpic5b.jpg . . . there they are!

zpic6.jpg Enjoying the countryside.

zpic7.jpg Shall we rob a bank?  Or go karting?