Weekend Report

Melanie —  November 18, 2008

Thanks for praying for our weekend.  It was fantastic!  First of all, everyone stayed well (no headaches for me) and it was actually quite relaxing for us.  Well, OK, Peter preached 5 times but in between the messages, he was able to relax.  The church we went to is a really friendly church and they were having a fellowship weekend – kind of like a weekend away without the “away” part!  Peter preached  4 times on, “Following Hard When it’s Hard to Follow” from Hebrews 10-13 and from John 9 on Sunday morning.  I got to listen to 4 of his messages and was reminded why he’s my favorite preacher!  The church people were so responsive and appreciative and we really pray that God will use the Word in a powerful way in these people’s lives.  We stayed with a family who live in the countryside.  So the kids got to enjoy their animals – guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas and dogs.  The girls were even able to ride horses nearby!  (Pictures soon!)  I enjoyed the countryside atmosphere, despite all the mud – ha! – and was able to have some time to read and rest.  At the church, the children really enjoyed socializing with the church kids.  Even Joel was often surrounded by older boys who took care of him and played with him.

We went to visit Peter’s mum on the way home yesterday and spent the day with her which was lovely. The girls enjoyed making cards with her.   After a bit of a stressful journey home (lots of tired, grumpy children on board!), we are home and back into high gear.   Here are a few prayer points:

*Tomorrow I am in charge of the craft and storytime at Open House with the mums and toddlers. I am going to talk about American Thanksgiving and being thankful to God. Pray for good conversations with the mums.

*No time to rest for Peter today.  He is preparing for the 2nd of 3 seminars at our church tonight.  Topic: You and Your Bible.  Pray for fruit.

*We have an Italian friend coming to spend time with Peter this weekend.  Pray for us to be a blessing to him.

Meanwhile, we have a birthday boy today!!!  Joel is two years old!  We will post some pictures soon.  He is a very handsome and sweet birthday boy.  We are so blessed to have him in our family.  Thank you Lord!