Another Weekend Coming Up

Peter —  November 13, 2008

This won’t be happening next year, but that’s another issue.  The primary issue right now is that we leave tomorrow for a weekend with a church we’ve always enjoyed our interactions with in the past.  This weekend is their annual “retreat” so that means I speak on Friday evening, twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday.  We all get to go as a family, which means I am not away from home in the way I define being away, so that is a good thing.  Three years ago we were scheduled to be with this church for their annual missions weekend, but sickness ravaged the Mead home and I ended up taking just Hannah.  Amazing how time flies.  So what won’t be happening next year?  Hopefully this kind of weekend will, but not on several consecutive weekends!  We appreciate your prayers for us in this busy season.  We’re not too busy to read an email or comment from you to let us know what is going on in your November and/or how we can pray for you.  Thanks!