Wake Up Dads

Peter —  February 28, 2010

I got home on Thursday after two good flights and a great few days in Portland.  It was so refreshing and encouraging to be back at Westside for the weekend.  It was another reminder of why we miss Westside!  The men’s retreat was a good time, then Sunday morning went well, I think.  It was good to be there on a weekend with a prayer meeting too.  A couple of days to visit with friends and family, including seeing Matthew and Claire (and sister-in-law and brother-in-law, of course), was a real blessing.  I also got to enjoy lunch with one of my profs from seminary who is now thoroughly enjoying being in pastoral ministry again, not to mention a very encouraging meeting with the Westside elders.  All in all a great few days.

So I managed to sleep a full night’s worth on my second flight home (thanks to an empty seat next to me, two blankets, two pillows, an eye mask and ear plugs), but still felt jet-lagged for the last couple of days.  Yesterday I had “dates” with all the children, including swimming with Aliyah, so now I’m feeling a bit more normal again!  A rare Sunday off today, then a fairly buy week with a seminar on Tuesday, a meeting on Wednesday, then a weekend away together starting on Friday.