Press On Mums

Melanie —  February 23, 2010

It’s been a good week for me – in a half-empty house with Mariah and Joel.  It has been very special to have some quality and quantity time with both of them.  I have really enjoyed the time with Mariah.  She has been so sweet and helpful – doing some of Hannah and Aliyah’s chores without being asked, seeing what she can do to help me, and writing me little sweet notes like this one – “You are very spcial Mummy and Joel Love Mariah” (including lots of backwards letter 🙂 )  She is at the stage of wanting to write notes so asking me how to spell lots of words throughout the day.

I also have been able to spend some time with various friends, including my sweet friend Michelle who spent all day here on Saturday.  It is so great to be able to spend time with another homeschooling mum like her and we can encourage each other to press on!

We have been enjoying Australian singer Colin Buchanan’s cd, “Real Hope,” (a more adult one!) which has a song on it called, “Press on Mums.”  Peter and Hannah have been working on learning to play it on their guitars and we enjoy singing it all together as a family.  Whatever your position in your family – Mum (Mom), Dad or child – there are challenges every day and we all need encouragement to press on in the family roles God has given us to play.  To get personal . . . I have been struggling with misbehaviour from a certain child which has been very difficult to deal with!  I feel like I have been talking about self-control all day every day for a long time!  I hope and pray it will sink in soon – by the power of God’s spirit!  So here’s the lyrics to the song:

Press on Mums

In all the chaos

Look to Jesus through the tears

Press on, Mums

God will guide you

Through those precious, tender years



And in all you do, do it for Jesus

Who won you life and free forgiveness

Yesterday, today

He is the same

All you do

Do it in Jesus’ name


Press on, Dads

Love your wife

Serve your children

Set the pace

Press on, Dads

Seize the moment

Show them Jesus

Run the race


Press on, kids

God adores you

He will hear you when you pray

Press on, kids

Love your family

Honour, serve

Forgive, obey


. . . and when all your human energy is gone

Look towards your Jesus and press on