Turin Visit

Peter —  April 22, 2013

I returned from Turin last night after a very enjoyable visit.  The day before we arrived they were enjoying 25 degree early summer temperatures.  We never saw the sun!  As we arrived, so did a storm.  Nonetheless, it was a great weekend.  It was great to reconnect with Huw and Alison, and little Kitty too.  Huw was on the first Cor Deo team and it is great to see them in action in the International Church.

On Saturday we were joined by four young men from the church and a mutual friend for a morning of Bible study and theological reflection.  The afternoon was spent in conversation with a friend from an hour away, followed by a walking tour of the centre.  We tried to see the Turin Shroud (you can only see the box at the moment), but were thwarted by a mass in the cathedral.  Sunday we all participated in the service, then enjoyed a great pizza lunch before travelling back to sunny UK!

Thanks for praying for us.  This was a good weekend.  This week I have to prepare for a day trip to Scotland on Friday, as well as a couple of significant admin projects, along with a normal week of Cor Deo.