Flying Visit

Peter —  April 25, 2013

Tomorrow I am heading up to Scotland for the day.  I’ll be accompanied by my colleague David, and we’ll be heading off to Bristol airport at an hour that should not be seen!  We’ll get a day together with the UCCF staff and relay workers and then return in the evening.  They have asked me to teach on prayer.  It is always encouraging to spend time with UCCF workers.  These are the people who disciple and support the student-led Christian Unions on university campus across the region.

Meanwhile we have a couple of children under the weather and we would love to know whether or not they have chickenpox.  Please pray for spots to emerge soon as we need to decide whether a guest coming next week can stay with us or not.  Next week is the Cor Deo Intensive, so we will have a busy week, but hopefully a very positive one!  We have participants coming from the US and Poland, as well as UK folks.  Please pray for all involved.