The Middle of Birthday Season

Peter —  February 20, 2009

Aliyah’s birthday kicks off the girl’s birthday month on February 5th and next comes Mariah’s on the 19th!

web1.jpg A few days before her birthday, Mariah was begging to do work like Aliyah was doing.  I thought the moment was right to bring out her very first “school” book.  She spent the rest of the morning poring over it and did many pages!

web2.jpg We took Mariah to a local children’s farm for her special birthday outing (just her and mom and dad).  Here she is holding a baby chick.  The discerning of our viewers will notice that the chick left a little deposit on her leg!  Thankfully, Mariah wasn’t fazed.

web3.jpg She was even brave enough to feed these sheep (all of whom were due to have lambs any day).  They sure were eager to be fed.  This one looks like its about to leap the fence!

web4.jpg Here’s the birthday girl with her cake (a strawberry castle cake by request!).

web5.jpg A little fun with one of her birthday gifts – squirting Dad in the face!  What is it with our family and water fights?

web6.jpg Hey are we back at the farm again?

web7.jpg Time to get cookin’!  She got a chef’s outfit from Auntie Amy.

web8.jpg Grandma and Grandpa Mead were here to join in the celebrations.

web9.jpg Storytime with Grandpa.

web9a.jpg What a blessing this little girl is!

web9b.jpg Hannah is next up in birthday season!  It looks like she’s practicing for her birthday outing when she will get to ride a horse.  Aliyah was an incredibly patient horse, holding her “bit” in her mouth.  Hannah made bit, bridle, reigns, lead rope, etc. all out of ribbon.

Tomorrow Peter and Aliyah are off to Oregon.  Hannah has gone back to Bristol with Grandma and Grandpa Mead for a few days.  Please pray for all of us as we are scattered around the world, especially for Peter’s ministry over the next 10 days.