Settling In For A Few Weeks

Peter —  April 28, 2009

I know that a lot of people think we are constantly over busy and I am constantly travelling.  While having four children does give the feeling of being constantly busy, these generalisations are not exactly accurate.  For one thing we tend not to consider travelling together as the same as me going alone.  So the four weeks in Italy were a really special time for us together as a family.  Unfortunately circumstances came together to make last week one of the more difficult experiences for Melanie (not helped by the food poisoning the day after we got back – she felt unable to bounce back from that).  She seems to be slightly better now and hopefully will regain a decent amount of strength in the coming days.

I am not travelling again for a month, and in this month my schedule is deliberately light.  I have a couple of midweek Bible studies (which is always a massive blessing), and a Sunday morning meeting not too far away (in a church I enjoy visiting).  This means that the next weeks will allow time for reading, study, writing.  I will also be able to spend several Sundays at our home church, which is part of my goals for this year’s schedule.  First of all, though, I need to clear the backlog from my desk and do some reports on last week’s ministry.  This afternoon we have a friend coming to stay overnight, and I know that our conversation will be highly significant and genuinely refreshing.

So there we are, settling in for a more stable few weeks.