May Day – Please pray

Melanie —  May 1, 2009

Well, it’s May Day and it started out as a good day.  The kids and I spent the morning in the garden, cleaning things up – especially the contents of our shed.  (A robin has been raising its young inside and has left deposits all over the bikes.)  Anyway, the sunshine was glorious.  Unfortunately, the day turned a bit sad as I found out my dad is in the hospital in Oregon.  He appeared to have the flu, then passed out last night, hitting his head very hard.  Apparently, he has bleeding in his head, so they have transferred him to another hospital.  My mom does not know much more than that right now.  He is conscious and doesn’t seem to have had a stroke or a heart attack but they have not ruled out surgery for the bleeding.  Obviously, I am pretty upset . . . I have had an emotionally fragile week or two so this is coming at a time when I feel I don’t have much in reserve to cope with this.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and for healing.  I know that the Lord is in complete control.  He is taking care of my dad.  I will post more when we know more.