Safely Home and So Thankful

Peter —  September 5, 2012

We are safely home!  It feels like we left Oregon and arrived about the same time (and had two flights in between).  Kaylah slept through the first mini flight to Vancouver.  She didn’t sleep so much on the second flight, but stayed quiet for the most part.  The children did great and got variable amounts of sleep.  Melanie, however, got a cracking migraine and was in a lot of pain.

We were met in London by two good friends who’d driven to Heathrow to get us (and brought us a lunch too!)  It has been good to get home.  Melanie’s headache passed by the time we were driving back, but she has obviously been left wiped out.  However, we’ve made it through the afternoon and will crash into bed soon. We’ll see what time we all wake up!  It would be great if Kaylah would sleep well and get back into a good routine.

Thanks for praying for us.  It was really sad to leave Oregon, but really good to be home to English friends, rabbits and our own beds!