Jet Lag

Melanie —  September 8, 2012

We are so glad to be home in Chippenham!  It is so great to be back to our own house, beds, toys, books and our familiar surroundings.  We have been busy unpacking, doing laundry, getting reacquainted with toys (it’s like Christmas for the children!) and Peter has been preparing messages for Sunday. He speaks on marriage in the morning (starting a series on Life’s Most Important Relationships) and starts a series on the book of Ruth in the evening.  He also preached this evening at a church in London which seemed to go really well.

Our current big challenge is that Kaylah has a bad case of jet lag.  Our other kids seem be to adjusting alright.  I think if it wasn’t for Kaylah’s crying, they’d be sleeping through (although last night 2 of them were woken by Kaylah and couldn’t go back to sleep for hours).  Peter and I are getting some sleep but it’s been massively interrupted every night we’ve been back since Kaylah is waking up so much.  Tonight she is not full-on screaming so far (although it sounds like it might be coming!), she’s just making lots of noise, interspersed with crying.  It’s past 1 am and no sleep in sight for me.  Feeding her doesn’t seem to lull her to sleep so I’ve elected not to keep feeding her all night long!  It seems her tummy is off schedule too . . . she’s filling her diaper big-time in the night which probably has something to do with her waking up!  Anyway, Peter is trying to get some sleep with ear plugs now and I am on duty with Kaylah.  In the scheme of things, it’s not that big of a problem and Kaylah has been a fantastic sleeper so far in her short life so we hope she’ll go back to her old habits soon.  But I feel like I’ve been pushed to my limits physically starting with our last busy weeks in the USA, the trans-Atlantic flight and now these broken nights when we’re so desperate to sleep.  So we’d appreciate prayer that Kaylah’s little body would adjust really soon.  Also please pray that if there is anything else going on – teething?, remnants of her cold? – that she would heal and not be in too much discomfort.  Jesus said that not one sparrow falls to the ground without our Heavenly Father knowing about it . . . so He surely cares for a jet-lagged baby and her tired mummy.