Prayer Request

Melanie —  February 3, 2011

I have been having a hard time sleeping this week which has caused one migraine already with another threatening today.  Last night was particularly awful as I vomited in the night and am obviously dealing with some digestive issues.  The cause could be related to medication change or spiritual attack or both?  Basically, I am not functioning at all today, feel totally at the end of my energies and very discouraged.  Tomorrow is Aliyah’s birthday outing and the next day family party, etc. and at the moment I don’t feel I could cope with any of that unless I can get some sleep tonight.  I want her to have a special few days.  I have experienced short periods of insomnia in the past and it seems to be a vicious cycle where I just get more tired and pressured that I must sleep and then don’t.  I know in the scheme of things and compared to what others are going through, this is minor but I just wanted to ask for you to pray for God to grant me sleep, healing from the digestive issues, adjustment to the medication change and protection from the evil one who would love to discourage me and destroy my joy and peace in Christ.  Also, pray that if there is anything practical or spiritual I am missing, that I’ll have the wisdom to see what I should do or focus on.  I am doing my best to turn my anxieties over to Him when they come up in my mind (usually in the middle of the night!).  Before this week, I was feeling encouraged, happy and fine.  The insomnia seems to have triggered a lot of negative emotions.  I know that through Him who loves me and poured out His life for me, I am already an overcomer no matter what life throws at me.  I just feel very helpless and in need of prayer at the moment.  Thanks for letting me be honest.