Praise the Lord for Keeping Us Safe

Peter —  April 25, 2010

This afternoon we were driving over to Otford Manor when we had a tire blowout.  We were on the motorway travelling at 70mph, without warning, boom!  The back right tire blew out completely.  Thankfully we were able to get across a couple of lanes and onto the hard shoulder without further incident.  It could have been so much worse!  It’s a bit disconcerting having trucks speeding past three feet behind you as your changing the wheel, but with a bit of help from a good friend we were able to get the wheel changed and carry on to the Manor (slowly, for the spare is a space saver).  Aliyah was a bit distressed by it all, but we are all thankful that it wasn’t much more serious.  So easy to take safety for granted when you’re traveling all the time, but a good reminder that we are always moments away from disaster!