Packed and Ready to Go!

Peter —  April 28, 2010

The front room is now full of large duffel bags (how do you spell that word?)  and we are ready to go.  Time for a quick shower, packing of the toothbrush and a brief breakfast.  I’m reminded of the chasm of difference between the experience of travelling alone (which I know well), and the experience of travelling across the ocean with four little people as a tag team of parents.  At least this time we don’t have any tiny people, and really just one total non-reader to entertain (although Joel thinks he can read, which might be useful today).  We fly at lunch time on a Continental flight operated by United – just nine hours.  The children are very excited.  We’ll see if they have any energy left at the other end where their excitement will be mirrored by Melanie’s aunt waiting for us!  We should have email access in the next weeks, so please stay in touch.  We fly on to Portland on May 20th.  Thanks for praying for us during this trip.