On the road

Melanie —  April 22, 2008

We’ve had a great week at our friend Carol’s house and today we leave to begin our slow trek north to Oregon.  We’ll be in the southern California area til this Saturday when we’ll drive to the San Fransisco Bay area.  Then after a few days there, we’ll begin to travel north to Oregon. (check our schedule page for more details).  Our church visits went well on Sunday.  Keep praying that what people have heard will stay with them and God will work in their hearts – especially that some will commit to go into missions.  The girls sang a song called, This is the Gospel, in the morning for everyone and did a great job.  They will probably sing at the churches we visit in the next week.

The kids have had a wonderful time here.  They’ve played hard outside and enjoyed the dog immensely.  Good thing she is a patient dog!  It’s also been great to be with old and new friends.  We will be sad to leave.

One major prayer request – since we have been here in California, I’ve been feeling on the verge of getting a migraine every day with a lot of sinus pressure.  I did have one on Friday, which I “slept off” but I had one on Sunday evening that was probably the worst one I’ve ever had.  The whole situation was really awful.  I wasn’t able to speak to people at the church service and was in severe pain.  Fortunately, God blessed us with someone to help  watch the kids during the service (I spent a lot of time in the bathroom) and a man gave us a really helpful book on migraines which I have been reading.  I know I need to change my diet (hard to do when travelling) and maybe see a doctor when we get to OR.  I have had migraines for a long time but in varying degrees of severity and frequency.  Right now I feel like I am living in fear of getting one every day which is no way to live, especially when we are travelling.  Please pray for spiritual protection.  Is this a spiritual attack?  Pray for relief and wisdom in handling the situation.  And for stability for my health and for the kids as we travel – different beds most nights til we get to OR on May 1st.  Pray that we’ll be a blessing and a challenge to everyone we meet.