Still on the road

Melanie —  April 24, 2008

Well, I found Peter sitting on the edge of the motel bathtub this morning, checking his email! Now I am sitting here, checking mine. Mariah and Joel are still sleeping so we are all trying to stay quiet to let them snooze on. The last two days have gone well. We have visited two churches and met some great and encouraging people. We pray that we’ve been able to be a blessing and a challenge too. Lots of people have taken books off our book table and literature about missions. Last night, we were treated to a blind gentleman playing a hymn on the saw! If you have never seen the saw played, it’s amazing! He played Jesus Loves Me too and was delighted to hear our girls singing for him. The kids are all doing really well and being a delight to the people we meet. Joel is his usual smiley self, but very unusually, he cried alot when we put him to bed last night. We never did figure out what was wrong (teething?) and he finally fell asleep.

Thanks for praying about my (Melanie’s) headaches. I did get a headache on Tuesday evening, but it wasn’t as severe as the previous ones, so I was able to cope til I could get to bed. I went to the doctor yesterday to see if I had a sinus infection. He wasn’t sure but he gave me some antibiotics just in case. I decided to hold off on taking them for a day or two to see if I improve any. I felt alot better yesterday actually, and didn’t have a headache at all. May that continue!

Today we will travel to a friend’s house and spend 2 days there. This friend is my oldest friend! I have known her since I was five! A great blessing to get to spend time with her and her family.

Thanks for praying for us! Please keep it up . . . we know it makes a difference.