Peter —  September 19, 2015

We have been back home for three weeks now.  We are gradually climbing out from under the piled up admin that awaited us, while also diving into another year of homeschooling and family life.  A week after we got back we enjoyed a wonderful weekend away with the church family – such a special time and so good to be back with folks.  Then there was a family wedding last weekend.  Then this week the children started homeschooling.

Meanwhile, Melanie is getting closer to due date (5 weeks to go), and so we are starting to realise the new baby will be with us soon.  Two nights ago we moved Kaylah out of her room and in with Mariah and Joel.  This frees up a room for the littlest Mead when he/she arrives.  Kaylah is gradually getting used to the “big girl bed.”  This next week we have marked out for the deepest deep clean since we moved into our house five years ago.  We feel like we are always playing catch up on tidying (and always will be), but it is time to purge the storage areas so that things actually have a place to go.

Some of you know about the infection Peter got in his leg back at the start of June.  After many courses of antibiotics and many doctor visits, it is still not fully cleared.  He is currently awaiting an MRI to help the doctors decide what to do with it, although the current plan seems to be a little operation to remove tissue from under the skin.  Please pray that this will get finally resolved soon.  It is coming up to four months and it would be nice to get it dealt with at last.

This weekend is significant for Trinity Chippenham.  When we started the church two years ago, the team made it clear that they were committed to leading the church up to the point at which the church could recognise its elders and the accountability group could endorse the process.  So for two years we have been part of a great team of “start-up” leaders who have, by God’s grace, done what they committed to do.  Now we are at the end of a long and careful process to have a team of elders recognised and established.  We have had a group of church leaders holding us accountable during these two years and they have been a great source of wisdom and support.  Tomorrow we will have one of that team speaking at Trinity as we thank God for what has been achieved in the last two years and set apart the team of elders to take the church forward.  Please pray for all of us at Trinity Chippenham as we move on into the next season of the establishing of this church community.  Peter has been privileged to be part of the “Start-Up Team” and recognises the responsibility of being set apart as one of the elders.

We will try to update again before too long.  Silence does not mean Melanie is in labour.  Having said that, one of these weeks she will be.  Thanks for praying for us as we anticipate what is to come!