Any Day Now

Peter —  October 22, 2015

The family is going into an eerily quiet mode.  Our due date is Sunday and all ministry engagements are now done.  Next thing to happen should be the birth of our baby.  It seems like a long time ago that we miscarried, but at the same time January 2014 seems like yesterday.  We are so thankful that this pregnancy has gone to term and the little one (probably not so little) has been nicely active in recent days.  Still, the anticipation of labour and delivery is not something that can be ignored.

Please pray for Melanie and baby Mead in these next days.  We will let you know once we have news, but we would really value your prayers in the time between now and then.

Needless to say the other children are excited. Kaylah will finally be a big sister, although she is the most oblivious of all that is to come.  Aliyah is hoping to be at the birth, along with Paula, our midwife friend from Portland who delivered Aliyah twelve and a half years ago.  Hannah, Mariah and Joel are ready for things to happen and are trying not to ask Melanie if she is in labour every time she walks into the room.

So, no news yet, but any day now.  Thanks for praying.