Little Celebrity

Peter —  February 5, 2009

The snow has mostly turned to slush and it’s been a very foggy day.  But the phone has been ringing off the hook!  Today is Aliyah’s 6th birthday.  I’ve finished my work for the day – preparing for Sunday’s message and doing some writing on an article.  Now Joel is sat on my lap with his bear and Aliyah is with us too (until the phone rings again!)  Traditionally, on a birthday, the birthday person gets to choose their favorite meal.  But this year that tradition has exploded to cover all three meals!  Aliyah chose strawberries with oatmeal for breakfast.  She chose steak and kidney pie, with sweetcorn and mashed potatoes for lunch (and baked apple for dessert).  Soon we’ll go downstairs for her real favorite – pasta (and butternut squash, for some reason), followed by a butterfly-shaped banana-flavored birthday cake!  Somehow I don’t think Aliyah is the only one getting bigger today!